Welcome to vacation at “Apartments Kus” in Biograd n/m. We are offering pleasant accommodation and we wish you to spend your vacation in the best possible way.Biograd n/m is familiar tourist destination where one can find what he like in order to make his vacation pleasant as much as fulfill with satisfaction. Many events, possibility of taking a tour to national parks and nature parks, very good offer of recreation, water-sports, beautiful beaches and excellent food in restaurants, is certainly what you will be remember as beautiful vacation.

Our apartments are at quiet, west-side of town near pinewood, 800 meters far from beach Bošana. They are new and very well equipped with modern technology and acclimatization. Parking is in the backyard and outside is a grill too witch guests are free to use where ever they want.

Biograd na Moru smješten je u Pašmanskom zaljevu, 30 km južno od Zadra s lijepim plažama, borovim šumama i sunčanim uvalama. Na sjevernoj strani Biograda je uvala Bošana, a na južnoj Soline u kojoj se nalazi velika javna, pješćana plaža okružena borovom šumom.

Biograd Na Moru (Biograd na moru) is south characterized of 30km of Zadar in the income of Pasman with the relati ones to you spiagge, beautiful forests of the pine and coves of the sun. From the Nordic side of the lies of the Na Moru di Biograd the income of Bosan and from the side of the south finds the income of Soline where large spiagge sabbiose public they are encircled from the forests of the pine. Of right Biograd they are the islands of Planac and st the Katherine. That what renders to Na Moru di Biograd exceptional a tourist destination is the relati to you beautiful natural outskirtses that close include to the national park Kornati, the national park Krka and the natural lago Vransko of the park that is known for relative the cultivation of peach and hunting of the birds of the swamp.

The tourism in Biograd is being developed. The sistemazione includes the apartments and the rooms in the centers, hotel and campsites reserve you. With hotels, the apartments and the rooms, the hosts can enjoy pranzare in one of many of the restaurants of the Biograd that serve homely wonderful therefore like the international cuisine.

The Na Moru di Biograd has come a lot probably from the ancient ruins of Blandon. In the first place it has been pointed out in the tenth century. According to the rule of the heads croatian, the Na Moru di Biograd was a parish and then subsequently it has been transformato in in one city of the sovereignty. Biograd is encircled from the antiquities from croatia beyond which the documents that point out the churches, the monasteries and the castles.

Around to year 1050, the king Petar Kresimir has established a diocese in Na Moru di Biograd and has constructed monastery a benedictine of the female and the male therefore like the church of st the Ivan. They have been conserved moreover the ruins of Villae Rusticae that are dated from were roman. An other fascinating attraction is a shipwreck that it has been found outside of the shoreline of Biograd on which the objects they have been finds to you that resalgono to sixteenth and seventeenth century. The Na Moru di Biograd is known to the sailors and the fans of nautical tourism that regulate arcipelaghi of Kornati the their destination. Regattas, underwater sailor and slide as also nautical other asset is organized during the entire year. Navy in the measures of Biograd 500 boats and yachts outside of the support and of 200 ties. As you can see, the Na Moru di Biograd is the perfect place for the hosts who love the nature, the sun above all, the sand and the sea and, sailor in the sunset.

Distance To Center: ca. 1500 m
Distance To Beach: ca. 800 m
Distance To Shop: ca. 200 m
Distance To Restaurant: ca. 200 m
Leisure Opportunities: Boat trips, Rock climbing, Paragliding, Cycling, Swimming, Sailing, Shopping, Sightseeing, Diving
Special Recommendation: We offer boat trips to islands
Beach Type: natural beach, artficial beach, shingle beach
Pet allowed: On request
Catering: self catering
Facilities: SAT/TV, Air condition (heating/ cooling), Garden/ Park, Grill facilities existent, Parking place in front of the house, Privat parking, Partly Terraces/ Balkonies with sea view, Wireless internet access